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Finding the perfect piece…

Finding the perfect piece…

One of our main purposes here at Players Choice Sports is to put the perfect memorabilia piece and / or cards into the hands of our customers. We love hearing the stories of why a piece has been chosen so in the coming weeks stay tuned for more stories from our customers!

If you have a story to tell of a piece you’ve picked up at our store, email info@playerschoicesports.com 

My favourite memorabilia piece that I’ve received from Players Choice is my Wayne Gretzky autographed, limited edition print.

I had approached them about acquiring an autographed Gretzky piece for my rec room. They were able to order me a piece directly from Upper Deck and were knowledgeable about the products available and helped me pick the perfect one for me at the budget I had. It’s beautiful and I love it because the photo represents to me how Gretkzy’s career progressed and it’s high quality!

– Patrick O’ – Kamloops

This is my favourite purchase from Players Choice Sports. Growing up in Ontario I was a huge Leaf fan. I had some early health problems that stopped my budding hockey career but always when I played,  I tried to emulate Johnny Bower. Johnny was a class act and a genuine good person.

So when I saw this picture at PCS, I had to own a little piece of something that still bring me happiness every time I look at it.

 – Craig M, Kelowna

– Larry & Barb, Winnipeg
Being lifelong fans of the Greatest Player of All Time, Wayne Gretzky, we have attempted to collect as much cards, pictures, memorabilia as possible.


We have been fans and Winnipeg Jet collectors for over 50 years.  Meeting Bobby Hull in person at  Players Choice Sports was a special day and having several items signed was a bonus.  A once in a lifetime event for a Jet’s fan.


This shadow box of Teemu Selanne is special to us because it was a farewell gift from Players Choice when we left Kelowna.  It hangs in a prominent place in our house and is part of our Winnipeg Jets collection.
Score Like the Great One

Score Like the Great One

Gretzky Estates Wine & Beer Package Along with 99 Gretzky Cards



Facebook LIVE Fundraiser for Joeanna’s House

Facebook LIVE Fundraiser for Joeanna’s House

We started Facebook LIVE  auctions from our living room, when we closed our store doors to the public in April. We wanted to create a fun environment for customers and new friends to collect sports cards and interact with us while everyone was collecting from home. We’ve hosted over twenty auctions in the past few months, three times per week and have between 30-40 people watching on Facebook. It’s been a blast and we’ve met many new people! The idea for a fundraiser evolved when someone wanted to donate the card they bought to someone else. 

For the past two years, Players Choice Sports has been a sponsor of the Homebase Baseball Tournament featuring some of our favourite NHL players; raising money for the KGH Foundation’s Project – Joeanna’s House. 

JoeAnna’s House is situated beside the Kelowna General Hospital and provides a home-away-from home to keep families together when they need it most.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the baseball tournament has been cancelled but we wanted to continue on with our fundraising efforts and decided to run a Friday night auction and donate 100% of the bids to Joeanna’s House. We hope to raise $3000 during our June 5th Facebook LIVE Auction.

Facebook LIVE Fundraiser








Players Choice Selling through Facebook LIVE

Players Choice Selling through Facebook LIVE

During these times of self-isolation and having the store doors closed, we have needed to be creative in connecting with our customers. Thank goodness for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram! This week we’ve started hosting Facebook LIVE Auctions of trading cards. You can join from anywhere – just need a computer or phone and account on Facebook.

From vintage to current, we have millions of hockey cards to offer. We’ve also auctioned off some basketball cards for other sportsfans and fill be finding some baseball, football, wrestling and entertainment cards as well. Today we were lucky enough to have Billy C, Head Designer from Upper Deck join us and answer questions from our customers.

The events lasts 1-2 hours and we keep it interactive. Let us know what cards you are looking for and you may find it becoming the next auction item! We plan to be on-air Monday, Wednesday and Sunday for LIVE auctions and Friday nights for Box Breaks. Check out our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/playerschoicekelowna for updated times of Facebook LIVE events.

A Weekend to Remember in Montreal

A Weekend to Remember in Montreal

Owning and operating a hockey card store is a full-time job and can have a lot of demands. It also has a lot of great opportunities to connect with people across the country who also share a deep love and appreciation for the game of hockey. Once in a while you get the chance to visit some of the great hockey cities, meet with old friends, and experience first-hand the game in all of its true glory. Earlier in February, Players Choice owner Jason Wobshall got to do a little bit of everything in Montreal. A trip to the home of hockey’s most storied franchise allowed Jason to pick up some amazing new items for the store, connect with some fellow collectors, take in a Habs-Leafs game, and catch up with two very special friends of the shop.

As ever, a winter day in Montreal is a lot different from Kelowna. While our fair city gets a little glimpse of harsh weather from time to time, a major snowfall in Montreal is on a very different level. There was enough snow out that people were literally digging out their vehicles in the morning, but it never had an impact on the fans at the Bell Centre. More about that later…

The first order of business on the trip was to meet up with Yvan Cournoyer, one of the game’s all-time great players and winner of 10 Stanley Cup with the Canadiens during his storied career. Long-time supporters of the store will have fond memories of meeting the Roadrunner when he came to visit Players Choice in 2015 for an autograph session and meet & greet. He was as gracious as ever in spending several hours with Jason and other shop owners reminiscing, sharing stories, and even gifting Jason with a new bottle of aged whisky that now sits in one of the store’s display cases…oh, and a pair of tickets for a Saturday night game at the Bell Centre between the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs.

From there, Jason met up with an old friend for a special tour of the old Montreal Forum. For those who don’t know, since the Canadiens moved to the Bell Centre in 1996, the Forum has been converted into a shopping mall complete with a theatre, restaurants and one of the city’s most renowned card stores, Robert Girard Sports. Through all the changes and renovations, the old spot that used to serve as Centre Ice for Canadiens home games remains intact, a fitting tribute for fans who make the trek to visit the storied old arena.

Saturday night. Hockey Night in Canada. The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. For anybody who has ever been a hockey fan, you know how special these nights are. While the rivalry of years gone by isn’t what it was, and the two teams haven’t met in the playoffs since 1979, these games are still very special, and Jason’s experience was definitely a memorable one. In addition to attending with tickets from Mr. Cournoyer, Jason also had the rare privilege to visit the Canadiens Alumni Room. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Vincent Damphousse, Rejean Houle, along with another old friend of the store, Bobby Hull, who was there as a special guest of Mme. Elise Beliveau. This is “the room that Jean built” as it was Mr. Beliveau’s initiative to have a special location for the Canadiens retired players to visit during the games. While in the room, Jason got to see the famous torch that was present at the closing of the Montreal Forum and gets occasionally brought out for special ceremonies.  Watch the full closing ceremony from the Forum here (including the 9-minute ovation for The Rocket).


In addition to enjoying the Alumni Room, Jason also got to run into one of hockey’s most recognizable mascots, Youppi!, during the intermission. That’s a photo opportunity you can’t pass up, because you never know when you’ll get another chance!

The game itself had a thrilling finish. The two teams were deadlocked at 1-1 after 60 minutes, and overtime was necessary to settle the score. After a great save by Carey Price on John Tavares, Canadiens rookie sensation Nick Suzuki (we will have his Young Guns rookies in stock very soon!) went in on a breakaway to have a chance to win the game. Leafs goalie Jack Campbell poked the puck away at the last moment, but it ended up right on the stick of Ilya Kovalchuk, who buried it into the back of the net, sending the Bell Centre into pandemonium. It’s been a tough season for the Habs, but this moment is a real highlight of the year for the team and its fans.

There was a lot of fun to be had in Montreal that weekend, but there was also some business taking place during this trip. Jason returned to Kelowna with a handful of new items for the store and for some of the collectors who frequent Players Choice. Some of these items will be going into private collections, but we can share some pictures of some of the great pieces that were acquired. Collectors who were in the store during National Hockey Card Day would have seen Jason wearing a new ring. That piece of jewelry belonged to Lorne “Gump” Worsley, and was his Hall of Fame induction ring.

In addition to that exceptional piece, Jason also came back with a true treasure of hockey history: Maurice Richard’s rookie contract with the Canadiens. This item is going into a personal collection, but we have a couple of neat details about the Rocket’s original deal. He was to receive $7,500 per year for a 2-year deal, and it also came with some bonuses if the Habs finished in 1st or 2nd in the League those years. The other big detail was that if Richard scored 15 goals in a season he would receive a $250 bonus plus $25 for each additional goal. The Canadiens had to pay up in 1943-44 as the young Rocket scored 32 goals that season for a total bonus of $675. This piece will definitely be treasured by the Habs fan who owns this for many years to come.

There are a few other items that we’ll be sharing with collectors in store in the weeks ahead. Come to the store to check them out!