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 Jaeger and Sara Koch are both small business owners here in Kelowna. Jaeger has loved cooking from a young age and after cooking in many restaurants, wanted to showcase his own style of cooking through Hunter Cook Fine Catering, starting in 2018. He specializes in catering for 6-80 people and brings the feast to your location – from charcuterie boards to appetizers as seen here, to full three-course meals. They have also expanded to Make Your Pizza boxes, Cook Your Own Three Course Meal, and Take Home Charcuterie Boxes.  Sara keeps super busy running all the aspects of the business that isn’t food related as well as has her own bookkeeping company. 

 We were able to enjoy a wonderful feast over Christmas and everyone loved it! We love to support our customers and will be enjoying a feast from Hunter Cook Fine Catering again soon!

 Jaeger and Sara have each been collecting sports cards since they were kids  – they’ve both watched hockey since before they can remember!  They have been coming to Players Choice Sports for over 12 years together. We love how each of them “sneak” in to the store to pick up a box or hockey cards, sometimes as a gift for the other, or sometimes for themselves. Once it was even on the same day and we just didn’t say anything. Jaeger loves Upper Deck Series One – for the Young Guns while Sara prefers UD Artifacts. Santa brought them each a box of their favourite UD Team Canada this year and they’ve been stopping at Tim Hortons for more! 


Jaeger’s Perspective:
“Ever since I made my very first acquisition on the carpet of my Kindergarten classroom, an unsleeved 90-91 Pro-Set Lyle Odelein Rookie Card – which I still have by the way, I was set on a track that there would be no escaping from. I was made a collector,  and that was that.
Since then, the hobby has been a way to connect with my Father, realize my Heroes, whose influence spans over a century, and gain countless joyful, exciting and fun experiences.

Here are a few pieces I’m excited to share from my own personal collection. From players who I never had the privilege of cheering on in a live game, whose legends I’ve only learned of from other fans, in books and watching old footage. To the memory of the ’93 record-setting Stanley Cup finals when I was eight years old – this card’s value is not much in monetary terms, but commemorates the win, and holds tremendous personal value to me. Up in to present-day stars and young prospects who carry the torch (leave it to a Habs fan to make a torch reference) through our modern game.

“The method of acquisition of a card is an intangible, invaluable but quite intrinsic part of a personal collection. The connection to the card is intertwined with the experience of the trade, the purchase, the gift, and of course, the revelation of a freshly cracked box or pack. The fun of a ‘big pull’ is thrilling and sends most collectors into a child-like tizzy. And the history of vintage cards is awe-inspiring and it sparks our collective imagination.”

Sara’s perspective:
“I’ve been slowly building my collection for the past 15 years, ever since I started going to Kelowna Rockets games regularly.  Going to Rockets games has been something my dad and I do together and always look forward to. 
My favorite cards in my collection are former Kelowna Rockets players, mainly ones who were my favorites to watch during their time on the Rockets like Tyson Barrie, Josh Gorges, Jamie Benn & Shea Weber. I love watching them live from when they join the team and following their careers in the NHL. 
Now collecting cards is something my husband and I do together and it’s been lots of fun for both of us to build our collections together!     – Sara
We want to extend a massive “Thank You” to Jason & Katie at Player’s Choice, who’ve devoted themselves to serving Kelowna (and beyond) with a welcoming place to get credible and useful information, a unique and thrilling item, and of course, excellent personal service. Collectors from near and far look forward to continuing to champion your success.
Jaeger & Sara Koch

owners, Hunter Cook Fine Catering, Kelowna BC


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