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Players Choice Travels to NHL Draft Vancouver

Players Choice Travels to the NHL Draft

For the past few months, customers have won GOLDEN TICKETS to the NHL Draft hosted in Vancouver. We wanted them to experience the excitement we feel when we get to attend Upper Deck & NHL sponsored events.

Our store was  set up adjacent to the Upper Deck booth and sold trading cards packs & hockey memorabilia all weekend. Many fans loved the opportunity to get their very own Upper Deck NHL® Draft trading cards made for them by buying packs from us and trading them in.

Our customers had a chance to meet NHL royalty and watch the Draft LIVE Friday night and all day Saturday. 

Here’s one of winner’s account of the experience when he had a chance to interview Daryl Evans, former NHL player & current commentator of the  LA Kings.

I cannot believe this happened. For those that aren’t aware, I am a MASSIVE LA Kings fan. This guy, that I was privileged to interview, is one of the reasons. He scored the overtime winner of the ‘Miracle on Manchester’ when I was 6 years old, yes, the night I became a Kings fan. Perhaps you can see the childlike wonder in my eyes as Daryl speaks to me about that night and hockey in general. He is the radio voice of the Kings, and has been for quite some time. Before I could afford NHL Centre Ice, but had the internet, I listened to the games on the radio, and he was the voice of the Kings for me.

I am SOOOOOOO grateful I had a chance to tell him all these things. My broadcasting skills are growing, and let me tell you, personally, this was the thrill of a lifetime. Don’t tell me that manifestation is not possible, and personal dreams don’t come true. The gratefulness is pouring out of me. And the one filming the interview? The one and only Candace Chisholm of course! I am so thankful she got a chance to share this moment with me. Jason Wobshall of Player’s Choice Kelowna, THANK YOU for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event. Many more to come, my friend!  – Mike Chisholm, the Real Deal TV




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