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Players Choice Launches New Show

 For over fifteen years, Jason Wobshall has been in the card industry on a day to day basis running Players Choice Sports. But his card collecting goes back even further. He was probably three years old when he received his first pack of cards and started playing hockey not long after in his small town of Creston BC. 

As a young teen, his mom told him if he wanted to keep collecting, he was going to need to sell some of his cards to earn some money. He learned about eBay in 1996, and has been an active seller ever since. He would travel with his stepdad or fellow collectors across Western Canada to attend the shows and set up tables of cards to sell, meeting many people throughout the years. Shortly after finishing his degree in Marketing in his early 20s, he partnered with a fellow collector in opening a store in downtown Kelowna. 

With running the store, he is constantly emerged in the sports card industry; he has helped many collectors add some amazing pieces to their collection. In the past year, with the industry booming, he has picked up some really amazing cards and wants to share them with you. He’s going to showcase high value cards and walk you through why the card’s value increases or decreases, where the market can go from here and just have some fun.

 He has learned much over the past 30 plus years and is looking forward to sharing with you.




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