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We don’t have a regular schedule for breaks but usually run them near RELEASE days of new products. We love giving everyone a chance to see a new product when it releases. We sure miss doing breaks in person but going virtual from our living room has been a lot of fun too!

We look forward to seeing the Upper Deck O Pee Chee Platinum and will be breaking Team Draft style. 

            Break Nights At Players Choice Sports

Group Breaks at Players Choice Sports?

Group breaks are a great opportunity to open products that you may not be able to open complete cases or boxes of on your own or gives you a chance to open products with others even when you don’t live near a hobby shop.

 Multiple people split the cost of the box or case; the box is opened by Players Choice Sports staff online and hits are divided up by the people in the break depending on how many spots in the break. Cards are shipping out by Players Choice and shortly after, you receive what you’ve hit.


How do Group Breaks work?

Group Breaks are done live on Facebook Live
Each group break has a scheduled time but will only go once filled. They are also recorded for our YouTube channel so you can watch the break at your own convenience.

All spots are to be paid via PayPal or E-Transfer to playerschoicesports@telus.net. Be sure to put the break number (found in the title of each break) in the title of your payment and your user name in the description. You have one hour to sent payment after order, or else we have the right to forfeit the spot.

To note:
We will not ship high value packages to someone with an unconfirmed PayPal address.
If you move or your address in your profile changes you MUST notify us of the change or else it will be shipped to your old address. (Info is saved in our shipping system). If you don’t update your address, we are not liable for lost items although we will do everything we can to recover your package within reason.

You will receive an email once your order goes through for the group break spot(s). If you do not receive the email or just want to confirm that your spot went through, you can email us at info@playerschoicesports.ca

The base is generally not sent with the Group Break hits unless numbered, or considered a pack hit. Exceptions such as The Cup, and Ultimate will be noted in specific break. We do have the option to send extra but it is at an additional cost. Shipping costs are dependant on the number of cards and where you are located.

Once the break is over, the cards will be divided up and shipped/picked up to the appropriate members that have those teams. Tracking is free within Canada as long as your package meets a specific value. If your package does not meet that value, we will ship the package regular mail. All mail is shipped from the store on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Types of Group Breaks

Team Select: There are 31 people in a group break as there are 31 teams in the NHL. Prices are set by Players Choice Sports, based on hits available by team and on market value. Once each spot is filled and payments are received, boxes/cases are opened using Facebook Live

Team Random: There are 31 people in a group break as there are 31 teams in the NHL. Prices are all the same for each spot. Once all spots filled and payments received, participants usernames will be inserted into an online randomizer three times live on Facebook Live. When the box/case is opened, we will announce the username for each team. Boxes/cases are opened live.

Draft Style: Once all spots filled and payments received, participants usernames will be inserted into an online randomizer three times live on Facebook Live, Based on the randomize results, number one gets first pick of which card they want from the break, second gets to pick from what’s left, then third, etc, until there are no cards or participants remaining. If there are cards remaining, the break continues snake-style, which means whoever had the last pick in the first round, gets first pick in the second round of draft and it goes in backwards order.



Shipping Process

Shipping Process

We ship all group breaks Tuesdays and Fridays of each week through Canada Post.

All shipments will be shipped to the address you have registered in your Players Choice profile. If you change this address after we have shipped previous packages to you, you must notify us of this change via an email to info@playerschoicesports.com

All mail is shipped through regular post; unless it exceeds the value of $150. Then tracking will be included. If you would like tracking for packages under $150, email info@playerschoicesports.com and we will invoice you for the additional cost.

All packages will be shipped in Bubble mailers and either a top loader, one touch or protective count cases (depending on the quantity of cards in the package.)

Read all about how our Group Breaks work on this page and click the post below to check out our last break. More breaks to come!

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