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Players Choice Hits Toronto

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Events | 0 comments

For fifteen years, Jason has attended the fall and spring expos in Toronto. This year we have two booths and lots of plans to buy for the upcoming Christmas season. I knew Jason had lots of people to see and deals to make so we decided to bring Mattias, my 13- year old with us.

 He wasn’t sure what to expect but we warned him; you don’t sleep much, work long days and eat a big meal at the end of the day as we have favourite restaurants to hit: Zets, the Mandarin buffet and Chops Steakhouse as a special treat from our distributor Universal Distribution.

We always look forward to seeing our card shop friends again from across the country!  As we set up, many stop by to say hi and we take turns wandering around the room. We’ve had the same neighbours for years but we see many new faces as well. eBay has set up around the corner; ready to answer questions, collect feedback on their services for collectibles, and have provided our eBay store with $5 off coupons to hand out to new and existing eBay customers.

We hang up our new signs made at Fleek Factory in Kelowna, prep the showcases and still have about 2 boxes of cards that don’t  fit – we will keep adding as we go! We are excited to sell our cards this weekend – we’ve been stocking up on Toronto players and many of the best NHL players…McDavid, Crosby, and Gretzky to name a few. We are growing in the baseball, basketball and football world’s as well so have a full showcase.

I knew Jason was happy with his big purchase when he came back to the table Saturday morning with a big smile. He had picked up some original Forum chairs signed by some of Montreal’s best players and game-worn Patrick Roy goalie pads – look for our next blog to tell the story behind the pads. Mattias started getting the word around that he was a big basketball fan and it wasn’t long before him and Jason cracked a box of Panini Certified.

Upper Deck Authenticated Memorabilia

My big moment of the weekend was opening a few Upper Deck memorabilia boxes – my biggest purchase ever. My hands were shaking opening the boxes as you don’t know what you are going to get. There are three mystery UDA pieces. I was really hoping for the brand new Connor Mcdavid stick piece that was announced this weekend but to no avail. I still walked away with some amazing pieces you will see in the store soon… Gretzky autographed jersey and 16×20 piece, McDavid autographed North America jersey and gloves, two Alexis Laferniere auto jerseys plus more!

Upper Deck Authenticated Memorabilia

I could see his confidence build as he accepted offers, priced cards and learned the art of buying and selling sportscard. He earned spending money as the weekend went along and on Sunday made his choice – a Kawhi Leonard Crowne Royale autograph  – now to decide if he sells it to go for his ultimate card of an autographed Russell Westbrooke card or if he add to his collection as it would be the biggest card he owns. At the end of the show, one of hockey’s greatest players Marcel Dionne came over, shook his hand and gifted him with a hockey stick saying how impressed he was with him all weekend.
We have many stories from the weekend but overall, felt it was a big success. We found some pieces that customers back home were looking for, some pieces we don’t think will last long, we made some good trades and sales and continued to grow in the hobby. After all these years, Jason is so dedicated to the growth of the industry and making his business better and loves the thrill of the chase of the unique sports collectible pieces. Now for a few hours of sleep and then we do this all again next weekend at the Bossa Show in Langley BC!