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We said goodbye to our downtown Kelowna location on Cawston Ave this week after 18 years.

We take with us all the memories we’ve made and friendships we’ve built. It was bittersweet to give back the keys… we had a few rough weeks with the break ins and hour of packing but we are super excited for what comes next. Our friend Richard said it best…

“So many great memories at the ole card shop on Cawston — trade nights, breaks, some amazing pickups, the autograph sessions. But really, it’s about the friends we made along the way, and such a great group of collectors we have right in Kelowna.”

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But don’t worry… we are working on plans for the new space and can’t wait to show you and welcome you in. Our move in date is March 1st – to our new space on Banks Rd – almost three times the space we had downtown.

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Features we are excited about:

  • Wax wall over 40 feet long with a custom bar stop for you to open your cards
  • Pokemon section double in size including 3 full showcases of Pokemon singles
  • Vintage Section with sets, singles and a private display of vintage art work
  • More space for memorabilia, collectibles and items you will love
  • Private meeting space
  • Supply section expanded and easily accessible
  • Fan Cave showcasing how you can display sports memorabilia in your home
  • …with more surprises up our sleeve!



Not a problem! We can deliver within a day in Kelowna and depending on the order can take a drive around the Okanagan. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING in Canada until March 1st on orders over $200. Use the code: FREESHIP

Keep up to date with what’s new on our socials and feel free to message anytime. We want to make sure we are getting new products into your hands as soon as we can!

Some of the latest products you won’t want to miss out on include: Upper Deck Team Canada, Upper Deck 2021/22 Synergy, Upper Deck 2022/23 Artifacts and Topps 2023 Baseball Series One.


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