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National Hockey Card Day in July!

                 National Hockey Card Day is looking a little different this year… for one it’s in July!                    Instead of shaking off your snow boots, you will be hiding from the heat in the Okanagan!


We are going to have a fun day in the store! Come to the McDavid door to receive your FREE packs of cards and kids will have a chance to build their set. Check out great specials around the store and Spin the Wheel with purchase to win discounts, prizes, Upper Deck Swag and more!

We also need to continue to be aware of covid safety regulations so we won’t be able to host our Scavenger Hunt this year but don’t worry it will be back again! Over the next few months, we will continue to open up more and hope by the Fall, can host more in-store events.

We know not every town has a hobby shop to pick up a pack of cards, or perhaps you are a bit hesitant about being around lots of people – we understand that! You might have a niece/nephew/ grandkids/kids etc living in a small town and you wish they could get a free pack!

We have come up with a MAIL OPTION!

We can mail a free pack of cards wherever you live in Canada! All we need is an address & toonie to cover postage. Let’s get hockey cards in as many kid’s hands as we can!



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